Vanessa Harden

Mouse Assisted Interplay

Inspired by The Mouse Fanciers, an existing subculture that breeds and shows prize winning rodents, this piece draws on current dating trends existing today such as internet dating or speed dating. Mouse Assisted Interplay imagines a dating service where individuals meet and interact via their pet mouse, drawing on similar situations that currently exist amongst dog owners in parks.

The mouse owners meet on, a dating website that is structured according to the different genetic strains of mice. Once an owner establishes contact with another owner through their breeding profiles, they can then meet.

A wearable tube-like habitat permits the owner to bring their mouse to dates or events. The social artefacts embedded in this garment serve two purposes. Firstly they allow the owner to interact with their pet through touch and sight. And secondly, they promote the interaction between mice and between users.

The intercommunication between the two mice could serve as a test of romantic compatibility as well as an opportunity to engage in a dialogue. This project offers individuals an alternative way to meet a compatible partner.

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