Nelly Ben Hayoun

And from 2 pigeons’ eggs, Dark energy will be born

Recently, a team of researchers at the M.I.T found that you can reproduce the Casimir experiment at the centimeter scale. 

Because I’m trying to generate Dark Energy in my kitchen, creating it at the human scale will be perhaps possible rather than at the previous pico meter scale the original experiment required. So what could you need?

Salt water, two pieces of metal (here I took pigeons’ eggs that had been gold plated) and a microwaves. To make the microwave, I have extracted the magnetron from a usual household microwave. This project tries to deal with the surrealistic aspect of generating the unknown in a kitchen. Between something absurd and something factually right, I expect to engage in a discussion at the boundary between science fiction and ‘hard-core’ science - a platform where the extreme experiments of amateurs can make the physically ‘impossible’ happen.

Both these conceptual projects, like “Imaginary gadgets” have the unapologetic tangibility of hand made objects that work. They are factually “right”. This leads me to another debate on the truth within science and how science can be adapted to human poetic and creative needs.

Photography Noemie Goudal

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